About Me

My  name is Carole.  I am the proud mom to three amazing children (two beautiful daughters and a handsome son) and married to one of the greatest men alive.  I was born and raised in Orange County, and I only left the area for five years of college/graduate school at UCSB. I am a high school English and leadership teacher, but I LOVE to host parties.  This is the inspiration for this blog.

With crazy schedules and not enough hours in the day, I found that I did not get to see and hang out with my close friends as often I wanted to.  What was my solution?  Plan and organize a Monthly Dinner for 12 of my closest friends and have it on the first Monday of every month.  This way my friends would always know when it would be and plan accordingly.  I decided I would do all the cooking, decorating, planning, etc. All my friends would have to do it is show up and enjoy!

I have been hosting these dinners for 12 years now -- always with a different theme.  The purpose of this blog is to share these thoughtful themes, delicious dinners, and perfect parties with you.  Maybe you'll be inspired to start something like this on your own or simply use one of these themes for a party in your future!

Email me at inviteanddelight@gmail.com