Sunday, August 26, 2012

Newspaper Roses Tutorial

After posting my dad's Black, White, and "Read" All Over Crossword Puzzle party, several readers asked me to provide a tutorial for the newspaper roses.  On this last day of summer, I am finally getting to it!! These roses are definitely easy, but they can be time consuming. I did 8 bouquets for my dad's party, each with 6-8 roses in them, so it took some time.

Supplies Needed:
  • Newspaper/Crossword puzzle book
  • Pencils (or other item you wish to use as the stem)
  • Tape
  • Scissors

Step One:  Using scissors, cut a circle/oval out of newspaper.  Any size is fine on this.  Mine were about an inch or so larger than a DVD disk.  You do not have to have a perfect circle.  When you have your circle, cut in a spiral about an inch from the edge.  I am normally a perfectionist, but I eye-ball this and just cut.  It doesn't make any difference in the finished product.  If you are really worried, you can draw it first. 

Step Two:  The "stem" of my newspaper rose was a pencil, but you can use whatever you want.  Place the pencil a bit in from the edge of the paper (as shown).  You will need to start with the outermost part of your spiral and place your pencil toward the center so that your roses fan out correctly.

Step Three:  Begin to roll the pencil along the spiral.  You want to begin with a fairly tight roll, but it can/will loosen as you go. I rolled a couple of times and then taped the spiral to the pencil there.  This kept it from moving while I rolled the rest of it.  Keep rolling until the spiral is completely rolled around the pencil.

Step Four:  Fold the paper closest to the erase down to hide the top of the eraser and serve as the center of your rose.  Then, as you are holding the rolled spiral and pencil,  slowly loosen your hold on the spiral and allow it to "bloom" into the fullness you desire. I found it also helps to turn the pencil counterclockwise to loosen the spiral as well.  You'll need to experiment with this step to find what tightness/appearance you most desire.  When I found the look I wanted, I placed a small piece of tape on the spiral to secure it as well as adhere it to the pencil.  This prevented it from moving from where I wanted it.

Step Five:  Cut 3 diamonds out of your newspaper for the petals.  Again, the size is up to you, and they do not need to be exact.  Just eyeball two petals on real roses are the same.  Tape these petals, one at a time, to the pencil.  Then fold them down to make your petals.  I found these petals also help secure the rose and prevent it from changing shape/dropping from the top.

Once you place these in your vase, your newspaper rose bouquet is complete!  I cannot tell you how many comments I got on these at my dad's birthday party and my monthly dinner. I took one vase to put on my desk at work, and my students love them!

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Neat idea, and easy too!