Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013

Happy Family Movement

Have you signed up for The Happy Family Movement’s Summer Bucket List Challenge?  I found out about this super neat idea from a fellow blogger.  The purpose is to encourage families to do things together and create meaningful memories.  It is right up my ally, and after talking with my family over dinner one night to get ideas, I created our list right away.

We tried to pick activities of varying price ranges and time commitment.  Some of the items we do often in the summertime, but others we have never done before which will be really neat.  My four-year old daughter got so excited to scream out her bucket list items like painting seashells, going fishing, and smoothie night.  My two-year old son was adamant about a bike ride, train ride, and donuts!  I created the chart, printed it, and tacked it to our refrigerator.  We use a yellow highlighter to highlight items after they've been completed.  This way we can see our progress, but it doesn't hide the event from view.

Just some photos from our Summer Bucket List fun so far...

Can't wait to complete more fun activities as a family!!


Unknown said...

What a great idea!! I love it!! Can't wait to partake in some of your summer fun activities!!

Anonymous said...

mine is in my blog which is http://glamourhair44.blogspot.com/ it will be great but i'm still in the process to finish it.