Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Seven Dwarfs Dinner

I just hosted my 84th monthly dinner last night!! For 7 years, I have hosted these themed dinners for my friends.  It is hard to believe as time flies so quickly.  In honor of 7 years of dinners, I wanted to theme my dinner around the number 7.  After tossing around several ideas, I decided on the Seven Dwarfs as my theme.  This would be great for a little girl's birthday party too.  The details were neat. Check them out...

Invite: I am just learning PhotoShop, but I used it to make this simple invite.  There are a lot of cute invitation ideas out there, but I found most were focused on Snow White.  I wanted the focus of mine to be on the Seven Dwarfs.

Entry Decor:  Lucky for me, I have a great husband who always says "yes" to helping me with my crazy ideas.  I asked him if he could easily build me a mining entrance, and he went to work on it.

I borrowed these stuffed dwarfs from a fellow teacher which I used to decorate the entrance. I made the Heigh Ho signs out of cut logs. I also played the Heigh Ho song from the movie at the party entrance.

Decor:  I set the table with a yellow tablecloth, red plates, and blue napkins.  I platter of red apples was my centerpiece (and dessert), and then I lined the center of the table with mining cars and statues of the seven dwarfs.  The red "mining carts" I bought at the Dollar Tree five for a dollar.  I cut black circles out of scrapbook paper to use as wheels, and then elevated them from the table using wine corks.  I also used origami paper to make paper diamonds to set out near and inside the mining carts.

I made napkin ring holders to look like the Snow White Mirror using a Google image for the inside of the mirror and the Cricut cartridge "Happily Ever After" which had the frame. The menu was designed using a Google image that I Photoshopped out the middle to add my text.

For my place cards, I made apple cupcakes. These are really simple. I placed a plain donut on top of the cupcake before frosting it, then covered it in red icing and red sprinkles!  The stem is a Tootsie Pop cut in half and the green leaf I piped on with frosting. I made Heigh Ho flags with a dwarf on them for each guest.

I made wine charms with images of each dwarf and designed a red and a white wine label.

Menu:  I wanted to serve mini seven dwarf-related food, but not have my guests leave hungry.  For this reason, I chose to have 3 "main" dishes.  The first dish was mini wieners that I placed on cut skewers and called "Mini Meat Pickaxes". The second dish was ground beef turnovers that I shaped into diamonds, and the third dish was "Dwarf Skewers" which was just grilled chicken cut and put on toothpicks.  I served petite peas and mini carrots as my vegetable.

I also made mining carts filled with Jell-O "jewels".  I used baby food containers with scrapbook paper to create the wheels and filled them with 4 colors of Jell-O Jigglers.

Dessert: For dessert, we had a caramel apple dipping station. I used the apples from the centerpiece and cut them fresh as guests were ready.  The caramel, Oreo crumbles, nuts, coconut, and mini chocolate chips were in each "mining cart" along the table.  The sign near the toppings instructed guests to "Pick Your Poison."

Favor:  I wanted to incorporate each dwarf into the favor, so I decide to make a funny Seven Dwarfs
Survival Kit for each guest. Coming up with some of the items (and trying to keep it inexpensive) was difficult, but I did it.  The shot of Vodka to help Bashful gain confidence was the girls' favorite!
I bought the items at the Dollar Tree (eye mask, tissues, dum dums), Party City (paddles), Ralphs (sour candy, Skittles, airheads), Total Wine (vodka), and Bare Minerals (gave me the sample concealer).  Here is the prescription label I made for Doc:

This was another great dinner to add to so many other great dinners. I just love hosting these parties for my friends, and I cannot wait for another year of memories created with these amazing woman!

And of my course my daughter loved dressing up for the occasion too!

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Karin and Brian said...

What a fabulous idea! I absolutely love your theme and decorations. I am planning a 6th birthday party for my son who is having a 7 dwarfs theme and plan to use some of your wonderful ideas! Thank you : )