Saturday, December 2, 2017

Trolls Birthday -- Fun & Favors

Not only was the decor of my daughter's Trolls birthday party colorful and fun (check out Trolls Party Part I), but we had some fun favors and party activities which I am so excited to share with you!  Oriental Trading has so many items that made these favors and activities easy to do.

Color is essential at a Trolls party, so I made a HUG TIME banner and set out the party favors and cakes on a table right as guests walked in the house.

What is a Troll party without colorful Troll hair!  You can purchase Troll headbands online, but these are so easy to make even a non-crafty person can do it.  I made a headband for each child to wear throughout the party.  For my headbands, I used the following:

Making these headbands has only a few easy steps.
  1. Cut your tulle into 22" pieces.  
  2. Fold each piece in half and lay it over the headband with the loop towards the center and the loose ends pointing out.  Wrap the loose ends around the headband and pull up through the loop until the knot is snug against the headband.  You don't want it super tight.  
  3. Repeat this step 9 times, so you have 10 pieces of tulle on your headband.
  4. Gather the loose end of the tulle together, about 6-8 inches from the headband, and tie embroidery thread around the tulle to secure it together. 
  5. Pick your flower stickers and stick them on however you want! I added a bit of hot glue to the back of the stickers to make sure they stayed, but this is not essential.

I made some without flowers for the boys as well as some solid color ones to so each headband was different.

Along with the headbands, each guest took home a Troll favor bag.  The pink and blue treat bags are from Oriental Trading, and I took these bright bags and added a Branch or Poppy character head to the front.  I used my Cricut to create these.

Inside the bag were fun goodies mostly from Oriental Trading that I let my daughter pick out when we looked at OT's website.  She picked sticky neon hibiscus flowers on a string that we re-wrapped in small cellophane bags, pink twisty lollipops, and glittery notepads. I added a cardstock Poppy head to the bottom of the twisty lollipop.  On velum, I printed the same 2" circles I used for the cupcake toppers, and stuck these to the front of the notepads to tie in the theme.  I purchased Trolls pencils from Amazon to finish out the favor.

Cake/Cupcakes:  Jenna wanted "cupcakes and rainbows" for her birthday party, so I of course had to do cupcakes with rainbow-like frosting.  I baked Funfetti cupcakes, and piped on swirled icing.  I added a 2" cupcake topper with various characters from the movie.

I also made this Poppy cake for the birthday girl. I baked two 8" circle cakes and one 9x13" cake.  One of the circles became the head, the other became the two ears, and the rectangular cake became her hair.  I had a hard time getting Poppy's hair as bright as I would have liked using the color dyes I bought from Michaels.  If you plan on making a Poppy cake, I'd go to your local cake shop and buy what they recommend.

My daughter loved it though, so that's all that matters, right?

Party Activities:  We rented a bright bouncer and my father-in-law played music for a "dance party."  Some of the kids and Jenna had fun singing-a-long with some of Trolls songs.

Poppy loves to scrapbook in the movie, but I wanted to put a twist on this concept.  For the a party craft, the kids decorated rocks to look like Trolls!  They had so much fun!

I set up a table with lots of fun supplies.   My daughter and I painted the rocks in various colors prior to the party, so that they were ready to go and the kids didn't have to wait for them to dry before decorating.  Here's a list of the supplies I set out:

  • Rocks (purchased from Home Depot)
  • Glitter Flower stickers from Oriental Trading -- yep...the same ones I used on the Troll headbands
  • Neon Fringe Boas from Oriental Trading
  • Scraps of bright paper for ears
  • Cardstock Troll noses in various sizes
  • Googly eyes in various sizes
  • Glitter jewels (purchased at Target)
  • Sharpies/Glue

I love the creativity of the each kid's creation.  All of the Trolls looked completely different and the kids had fun making them.  The neon fringe boas were great because they were bright, and the kids could cut them any length they wanted. I would definitely recommend this craft if you are having a Trolls party!

We had a great time, and I hope you liked both this post and my previous post to give you even more ideas for a future Trolls party!  

Disclosure: I partnered with Oriental Trading Company for this post. I received product(s) in exchange for my honest and unbiased thoughts. All thoughts and opinions stated are my own and are in no way influenced by my partnership with the above mentioned brand.  

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