Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Bingo Game Night (Virtually)

It is May, but we are still amid stay-at-home orders for COVID-19.  I miss seeing and chatting with my girlfriends in person, but I am so thankful for technology that makes us able to see and chat virtually.  I am also thankful that I am still able to do a bit of the creative details for these dinners as they are a fun outlet for me, and with my teaching life so stressful right now...I need those outlets! For this month, I decided to have BINGO theme and play a little virtual bingo along with our conversations on Zoom.

Invite:  The invite was fun to create. I wanted to display the information in a Bingo grid, but make it easy to read for guests.  This is why I stuck with just black and white with only a small amount of color.

Bingo Activity: Playing bingo is a fun game to play even over Zoom. My husband picked up this Bingo game at a garage sale, and it was perfect.

When I dropped off the food to each of my guest's, I included a bingo card.  For those guests that lived farther away or out of state, I snapped a photo of one of the cards and sent it to them to print out.  Throughout our dinner party, we played 3 games.  At the end of each game, we all used Venmo to send $2 to the winner!

Fun Details: I made Bingo ball napkin rings out of wooden balls (1.5") that I purchased from Michaels Craft Store.  My husband drilled a hole through the middle, I painted them white, and then I used my Cricut to add vinyl letters and numbers to them.  The balls were cute, but it was quite a challenge to roll the paper napkin small enough to fit through it.

We typically drink wine at my monthly dinners, so I decided to send a mini bottle of wine with each guest's meal.  I created a label to look like my invitation - BINGO - WINE-O.

Menu: I always like my menu to fit with the theme.  For this reason, I tried to think of foods that started with each letter of the word Bingo.  Of course, this task was made more difficult because I like my foods to go together AND I was delivering to the guest's houses since we couldn't be together so I needed easy to prep and transport.  As you can tell from the menu, some letters were more difficult than others (hence the M&M images).  The B's of bread, bacon, and boiled eggs wasn't so hard, but the N's for nuts and nice wine was about all I could come up with! Basically my menu was a Chef's Salad. I sent this menu to that ladies ahead of time, so that if they did not want something on their salad, I could leave it off.

I bought to-go containers from Target, and arranged each salad topping around the ramekin of Italian dressing.

This menu was very easy to prepare because I baked the chicken and boiled the egg the night before.  That morning I made the bacon.  Then I just had to slice and assemble it all.

For dessert, I made Bingo balls out of Rice Krispie Treats.  I shaped them into balls and then dipped them in white chocolate.  I melted some black chocolate and carefully painted the letters and numbers on each ball.

Favor:  The party favor also served as the Bingo game pieces.  Guests used these to mark their squares in the game.  I created the tag to match the invitation.

Once everything was assembled, it was time to deliver the meals!  I mapped out the drive and delivered the meals and goodies to each guest.  I left the items on their doorstep, and then texted them to let them know they were there.

This was so much fun!  Can't wait to play another virtual Bingo game with friends!

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