Monday, December 23, 2013

DIY Christmas Decor Part I

I  love Christmas and decorating the house, but I have never really liked the holiday decor that we own very much.  I decided to do a little makeover of it this year, so I looked through Pinterest and found some ideas I really liked as well as created some of my own....

Remember my post of the Autumn candles?  Well, here is the change I made to create a Christmas candle set. I put a shot glass in the bottom as a space-filler, and then added the red hots.  A little glitter green ribbon, some holly berries I already had, and white peppermint candles from the Dollar Tree.  That's it.  Super simple.

I originally made them for our mantle, but then decided to move them to our coffee table.  I arranged them in a circular pattern so that it is pretty on all sides AND it hides the ribbon knots in the back. 

My mom and I also made a smaller version of these with votives.  She gave them as favors at a church function.

The family initial inside a wreath was an idea I saw on Pinterest that I really liked.  I was planning to make a wreath, but then I saw this one at Target and loved it.  I looks like scarves or socks that are wrapped around Styrofoam balls and then glued to a Styrofoam wreath.  All I had to do after finding this wreath was spray paint the "C" in green glitter.  Easy-peezy.

This will conclude Part I of my Christmas decor post.  Stay tuned for Part II!!

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