Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summer Social: Ice Cream Party

I Scream....You Scream...We all Scream for Ice Cream!!  To finish off the summer, I decided my August theme would center around ice cream.  Even though we had a small group at this one, it turned out cute, and we all had a great time.

Invite:  I designed the invite on Photoshop using images I found on Google.  My original plan was to make ice cream cones out of card stock and have the ice cream part lift up to reveal the party details, but my last minute theme decision left me with no time to do this.

Entry Decor:  I made this simple sign for my door out of foam boards and card stock.  The Dairy Queen sign I changed to MD for Monthly Dinner.  My plan was also to make these balloon ice cream cones to line the walkway to the door.

Inside Decor:  I set my table with a pink tablecloth and pastel plates and napkins.  For one centerpiece, bought terracotta pots and painted them to look like ice cream cones.  The perfectionist in me had a hard time with this because I did it freehand.  If you really want it perfect, I would tape it off and figure it all out beforehand!  I used pink carnations for the ice cream and white ones for whip cream.  The cherries were craft balls.  The banana splits I made with pastel tissue paper.  The banana boats I already owned.

For napkin rings, I cut out the bottom of ice cream cones and slid utensils and napkins through.  I made a simple paper cover to put around the cone.

The place cards were cute little ice cream trucks.  I bought the image off of Etsy for this and then just added my guest's name using PhotoShop.

To hang from the ceiling, I also made an ice cream popsicle banner. I cut foam noodles and then just glued popsicle sticks inside.  I used fishing line to string them.

My 5 year old daughter wanted to help decorate, so she drew ice cream cones with spoons and taped them up!

Menu:  I always like the theme to be reflected somehow in all aspects of my menu. I started out with ranch dip tinted with green food coloring and chips to symbolize "Mint Chip" ice cream.  I served the dip in a waffle bowl.

Next was a green salad with "cherry" tomatoes.

For the main dish, I bought banana split boats from Baskin and Robbins to use as my serving dish.  The banana split was mashed potato scoops as "ice cream", brown gravy as "chocolate syrup", meat cubes as "chocolate chunks", yellow squash as the "bananas", and diced red pepper and carrots as "sprinkles".  The dish was delicious and the banana splits were cute.

For dessert, I made a Neapolitan Brownie Ice Cream Cake.  I found the recipe on the Cake Boss Baking website.  It was really good.  The brownie part was a bit hard to eat because it was frozen, but beyond that, the cake was easy to make and well-liked by the guests.

Favor:  As a take-home favor, I gave each guest an ice cream sundae with topping ---in this case a loofa and shower gel.  The bowls and spoons I ordered from Amazon.  They came in a package of 12. The container for the shower gel is just a Tic-Tac container I emptied and them refilled with shower gel.  I couldn't find a plain container, but this seemed to work fine.  I made the label to attach to it.

All in all, it was a simple party that didn't take too much time to put together.  Ice Cream Socials are always fun, and this one was no exception!


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