Sunday, November 27, 2011

25 Days of Christmas

Although this is not a party posting, a friend of mine recently shared a holiday idea that I think is perfect.  It is a way to get you and your family in the holiday spirit by carving out time in the day rather than just "waiting to see" if something will fit into your hectic schedule.  On the 25 days leading up to Christmas, you plan one holiday "activity" for your family to do together.  This can be something simple that you would do anyway, like decorate the Christmas tree..or something a bit more challenging like a holiday craft or outing somewhere.  Here is how my husband and I plan to do it with our family....
We bought this Christmas advent calendar at Target.  Inside we are going to have an M&M for our daughter as well as a small scrap of paper (fortune cookie size) with a clipart photo to tell the day's activity.  Our daughter is only 2 and our son is 5 months, so words wouldn't work for us.  We'll have a photo of Santa if our activity is visiting Santa that day, a cookie if we are going to bake cookies, etc. Since we lead very busy lives, my husband and I will decide each evening after the kids are in bed which strip to put in the box for the next day.  That way, we can make sure it works with our schedule.

Here is what our family tentatively has on our list (in no particular order):
1.  Go see Santa
2.  Decorate the Christmas tree
3.  Watch a holiday movie in our Christmas PJs with Hot Chocolate
4.  Make footprint Christmas tree craft
5.  Put up Christmas lights outside/decorate the house
6.  Build a gingerbread house (we bought a foam kit from Michaels)
7.  Make candy cane and wreath ornaments for the tree

8.  Host a Holiday party
9.  Ride the Christmas train at Irvine Park
10.  Bake cookies (okay..mine won't look like this with a 2 year old,but how cute are these!)

11.  Make holiday cards for the neighbors
12.  Wrap presents for our family
13.  Purchase a toy to donate to a child in need.  Take it to the local fire station Spark of Love
14.  Make marshmallow snowmen...

15.  Go sledding/play in the snow (this means driving to the mountains for us)
16.  Write a letter to Santa and mail it
17.  Take family holiday photo
18.  Make reindeer craft

19.  Put stamps/address labels on Holiday cards and mail them
20.  Donate old clothing to our church Gift of Giving collection
21.  Go see Christmas lights
22.  Make pine cone Christmas tree

23.  Sing at the Holiday Concert for daycare

24.  Go to Christmas eve church service/leave cookies for Santa
25.  Give and unwrap presents on Christmas!

These are just ideas we have come up with so far.  I am sure we will add/delete days as the month continues and more fun activities take shape.  If reading this inspires you to create your own list, please comment on this post!  Include any additional activities your family might do, and maybe you can inspire me to add them to my list!!

*All craft photos courtesy of Pinterest.


SillyTeacher said...

Great ideas:) Think we will try this with our advent calendar! We also make our boys go shopping for each other as an activity.

Jill Chiotti said...

Love it! I forgot to add trip to Knott's to see the Christmas decorations. If you know someone at Disneyland it would be fun to take the kids there too.