Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bad Luck Bash

Our monthly dinner was going to fall on the 13th for that I thought I would play off that idea with a Bad Luck Bash.  Everyone loves these crazy superstitions right? The set-up and invites are easy...think of every omen of bad luck you can and decorate with it!  For an invitation, you could purchase inexpensive umbrellas and write the party details on the inside. That way guests have to open the umbrella (and they will probably be inside) to read the message -- bad luck. Or...send each guest a salt shaker with the party details on a paper rolled inside.  Guests are bound to spill the salt as they retrieve the paper -- bad luck!

 Outside the front door, I drew cracks on the sidewalk with chalk and a sign that warned guests about stepping on cracks.  I also set up a ladder at my door, so guests were forced to walk under it to enter. A stuffed animal black cat greeted guests as they entered & they had to cross it's path.  Open umbrellas were spread throughout my party area.  On the table I had mirrors I bought at the Dollar Tree with hammers, salt shakers already tipped over, and upside down pennies. I also placed a number 13 (made using my Cricut) on each guest's napkin.  As placecards, I used the Cricut again to create 8 balls with each guest's name.

My menu was not all that special at this one, but I did use a cookie cutter to make black cats out of brownies and served these with ice cream.  We also played a short game where guests had to balance a salt shaker on their head in a relay.  It made for some fun laughs.

I didn't want the guests to leave the party with bad luck, so their parting gift was a mini box of Lucky Charms with a lottery ticket attached.  Unfortunately, I didn't hear of any mega money winners...or at least they aren't sharing with me!!

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