Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Welcome to Invite and Delight!!

This blog has been a long time in coming. I've been asked by my friends, family, and others to write a book or somehow publish my ideas, themes, and recipes for various parties I've thrown.  Well...blogging here I come!! I'll share my fun party themes with all the details that go with it. I've been putting together monthly dinner parties for my girlfriends for 5 years now, so bear with me as I try to play catch up with this blog!

Please keep in mind a few things as you read/follow this blog:
1.  I know very little about this whole blog thing, so bear with me as I attempt to figure it out.
2.  I am one of the most thrifty people out there, so if my parties look a little cheesy...they are!  Almost everything is handmade from placecards to signs.
3.  My photos are not taken by a professional, and my recipes are usually not authentic.

Those are my disclaimers... I hope you enjoy this site & get some use out of the ideas!

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Lau-raw said...

Wow!! Congratulations! I just found your blog yesterday by pinterest and I already read all your posts!! You are incredibly creative!! I wish I live nearby so I can be part of those great parties! Thanks for sharing!! :D