Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vacation Fun for Everyone!

 Since I am starting this blog in September, I decided to begin by reviewing one of the dinners I hosted in September over the past 5 years.  Since summer is the major vacation time, I decided to focus my dinner around traveling.  Hence...Vacation Fun for Everyone.  To plan for the details of this dinner, I needed to know each guest's favorite vacation spot. Although I didn't do this because of time, my plan was to call each guest and pretend to be a travel agent (of course they would know it was me with caller ID).  I would ask their favorite travel destination and then tell them they were entered into a drawing to win a free would be announced on date/time/place of your party. I even dressed up as a flight attendant to greet guests at the party!

For the table, my brother helped me design an airline logo and attached it to everything. Place cards were airline tickets with each guest's favorite vacation spot as the destination. I found these printable tickets at which had an airline ticket image generator. I then just added my logo and folded cardstock to make a jacket.  I couldn't find peanut packages anywhere, so I made them myself by just folding aluminum foil and putting my airline logo on the front. The placemats were maps I found and then I laminated.  My centerpiece was paper airplanes that I affixed the logo to, passports, and a mini globe I found at Target.

The menu was taken from the guest's favorite vacation spots. I found one dish from each of their favorite spots and this was my menu:
Baked yummy!
  • Coors Light - to represent Colorado
  • Orange Juice - to represent Florida
  • Peruvian Ceviche - to represent Peru
  • Greek Salad - to represent the Mediterranean
  • Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding - to represent London
  • Fruit Salad - to represent Costa Rica
  • Baked Alaska - to of course represent Alaska

This was a really fun dinner.  I had asked each guest to bring a photo from their vacation, so this brought some funny stories to the party as guest's talked about their photos.

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